Malia + Stilinski family + I don’t get the handcuffs thing


Allison Argent + Sheriff Stilinski ~ Teen Wolf 3x21

 m y   s o n   a n d   h i s   g i r l f r i e n d


Aries: Derek Hale

Taurus: Jackson Whittemore

Gemini: Alpha Twins

Cancer: Scott McCall 

Leo: Lydia Martin

Virgo: Sheriff Stilinski

Libra: Stiles Stilinski

Scorpio: Allison Argent

Sagittarius: Peter Hale

Capricorn: Isaac Lahey

Aquarius: Danny Mahealani

Pisces: Melissa McCall

** Note - This is just general **

Signs As Characters From Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf Meme » [1/1] Family
When I finally got to the hospital I saw Stiles sitting in the waiting room with his head in his hands. He was with Claudia when she died. But I wasn’t.”


It’s so cute


I will go down with this ship

Q: Let’s talk Allison’s death.
Eaddy: I’m going to answer as Victoria. [x]